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Alumil among the world’s best hotels

Alumil has all the architectural aluminium systems that meet these broad requirements and the specialized staff of engineers and technical consultants that can support both the design and supervision of integrated architectural applications of aluminium in tourist units.

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Alumil aluminium systems provide various alternatives, high aesthetics, functionality and quality in construction as well as high safety in

  • Exterior view of a hotel

Glazing, patios and composite panels. In line with current architectural trends for the exterior of buildings, Alumil offers a wide range of products, providing the possibility to choose the ideal solution according to the construction needs, combining quality and design.

  • Room configuration

Aluminium systems.

  1. Opening frame systems that provide a high level of thermal and sound insulation
  2. Sliding frame systems that are the ideal solution for space saving and cost compression
  3. Internal and security doors in a wide range of classic and modern designs
  • Optimum design of public spaces
  1. Bubbles – The ultimate choice for restaurant and spa areas
  2. Aluminium balustrades – With innovative design and distinctive appearance
  • Upgrading the functionality of the building
  1. Building entrances – The ultimate choice for automatic entrances, swinging, folding, sliding, sliding, opening and arched doors
  2. Ανελκυστήρες – Ολοκληρωμένες λύσεις για ανελκυστήρες προσώπων και εμπορευμάτων
  • Support for special requirements of hotels
  1. Security with aluminium systems with certified security level, security doors, metal fire doors
  2. Fencing around swimming pools with controlled access. Solutions for people with disabilities