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Changing frames: what to look out for before you choose

Replacing windows and doors is a major investment that all of us have had to or will have to make in our lives. Choosing the right frames to meet the needs of our space requires research and understanding of the criteria we should focus on before we settle on the product we buy. This document is a short and handy guide, in relation to the points around which it would be good to focus during the process of looking for frames.

The weather conditions


One of the most important factors to consider before buying windows and doors is the weather conditions at the location of your home. Areas with winds, rainfall or near the sea, have high demands on the damage that can be caused. Precisely for this reason, we will need a system that will stand the test of time and at the same time have high waterproofing and wind resistance. Also, if we are located in a location with an intensely hot or cold climate, then buying frames with high thermal performance is a one-way street to avoid heat loss. As for houses located in coastal areas, choosing aluminium frames that have undergone the special treatment of anodizing or preanodizing is a safe and highly reliable choice, which shields the frame in the long run.

The light in space


Natural light in a space is crucial, as it can enhance the interior and also have a positive effect on the mood of the people living inside. If, for example, our space has large openings, choosing frames that allow light to enter the space unobstructed is ideal. In this case, aluminium systems are best suited, as they have the ability to support structures with a minimal design, while maintaining the robustness and stability required. In addition, if we want controlled shading, we should look for shading system options that match the frames we purchase so that the end result meets our needs.

Get inspired and get ideas for systems that enhance natural lighting in the room.

Enhanced security


Windows and balcony doors in a space are also potential gateways to and from the space. We must therefore make it a priority to choose frames that will ensure our security against potential burglary risks. In this case, we need to find out about the certifications of the frame systems we choose and check whether they have undergone the internationally prescribed burglar resistance tests.

Finally, it is worth noting that what we are interested in in the field of security is not to find a completely inviolable system, as this does not exist. What makes a big difference, however, is the resistance that the system can bring to any would-be burglar, and the time it will take him to break into it. The higher the performance in these areas, the more potential threatening actions will not find fertile ground to take place, thus enhancing the sense of security for the occupants.

The importance of the glass


The glazing, or glass panes, which are placed in our frames, occupy the largest part of the system and that is why they are one of the main factors that affect its behaviour in a variety of areas (thermal insulation, sound insulation, anti-burglary protection).

Here too, our choices vary, depending on our needs and budget. We can choose between single, double or triple glazing, as well as high energy-efficient or impact-resistant glazing. Whatever the choice of frame we settle on, the glass that accompanies it is crucial to its overall performance.

Aesthetics that magnetizes


Apart from the technical characteristics, which will help us to choose frames, the aesthetics of the space is an equally important factor in the selection process. Here we have to decide whether we want classic or minimal lines, opening or sliding windows, as well as in which framework we want to move in terms of colour. Aluminium or wooden frames provide possibilities for customisation to achieve the desired effect, while the choice of plastic limits our possibilities in this area.


On the issue of colour, if we want earthy shades, we can choose wood (here, of course, significant care and maintenance is required to keep the colour in its original state), synthetic wood, or sublimation, a method of surface treatment of the aluminium profile, which contributes to the lifelike visual imitation of wooden surfaces. Finally, if we want a wide range of colours, aluminium frames give us a wide range of colours, as aluminium as a material is suitable for multiple painting processes.

Evaluation of the investment budget

The financial aspect of the decision is one of the most important and will likely determine the outcome of our search. Since we usually buy new frames once or twice in our lifetime, it is good that our decision is made with a long-term plan in mind.

For more cost-effective solutions, we can move to either aluminium frames with a basic level of thermal insulation or plastic frames (of course, there are cost gradations for plastics too, depending on their respective features).

For mid to high price range solutions, with frames that combine high performance and stylish design, we can move to either wooden constructions or advanced aluminium thermal insulation frames.

If you are looking for minimal aesthetics, the most modern aluminium systems, which combine top quality with modern lines, are ideal for modern constructions with large openings, giving an impressive result while keeping the bar high in terms of thermal performance, sound reduction, tightness and robustness.

Furthermore, it should be noted that investing in aluminium systems helps to protect the environment, as aluminium is a material with perpetual recyclability. This feature makes it particularly environmentally friendly, since the energy required to produce secondary cast aluminium (resulting from the process of recycling, scrap sorting and recasting) is 95% less than for primary cast aluminium.

One step before the final decision


Choosing new frames is a complex process, for which we need to evaluate different factors in order to come up with a product that will meet the necessary specifications for us.

Knowing and understanding the points to focus on is our greatest ally in the period before the final purchase decision. The more informed we are with regard to the different parameters, the more suitable the window frame system we will end up with will be.

Source: alumil.com