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Free Study Of Your Space

Free Study Of Your Space

The consultancy process provided by our company aims at the correct selection of systems from our wide range.

Our project support team provides the following special design solutions when the needs of the projects require it.Our company, in collaboration with an experienced architect-decorator, undertakes the design of your home or business premises free of charge.

Our project support team provides the following solutions depending on the phase of the project.

Planning Stage

  • We study the architectural plans.
  • We propose solutions that are in line with the architectural design.
  • We observe the facades and study the openings of the building.
  • We design solutions on the facades and indicative implementation studies.
  • We provide static calculations.
  • We submit a performance table.
  • We provide a list of recommended manufacturers.


Offer stage

  • We provide a list of suggested materials.
  • We help optimizing materials.
  • We cost each unit in the quantity table.
  • We compile the standard drawings of each construction.

Performance Stage

  • We provide analytical static calculations.
  • We perform performance measurement of indicative typology.
  • We provide the detailed implementation study of both the indicative typologies