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Our history through the years

Our History

1930 Grandfather Evangelos Foteinopoulos founds the company in Filiatra, Messinia.
He works as a Blacksmith and is active in Metal Trading.
1970 Father Nikolaos Foteinopoulos turns in parallel to the manufacture of Iron and Aluminium.
1975 The first branch is inaugurated in Kyparissia, Messinia.
1980 The systematic trading of Iron and Aluminium begins.
1985 As the needs increase, a new privately owned building of 800 m² is constructed in Filiatra, Messinia.
1992 Start of cooperation with Alumil for the representation of the Company in the areas of Trifyllia-Pylia of Messinia.
1995 Assumption of the exclusive representation of Alumil Company for the region of Ilia. Inauguration of the third store of our Company in Pyrgos.
1996 The reins of the Company are taken over by the grandchildren Evangelos & Vanessa Foteinopoulou.
1997 A plot of land of 2.000 sq.m. is purchased in the area of Anthopyrgos of the Municipality of Pyrgos, where new privately owned Facilities of 1.000 sq.m. are constructed.
2004 An extension of the facilities of about 300 sq.m. is carried out.
2005 A plot of land of 2,000 sq.m. is purchased for the expansion of the facilities. Building facilities of about 1,000 m² are constructed.
2006 Installation and operation of modern mechanical equipment for iron processing (Spindle - Shear - Shearer - Winder - Cylinder - Bandsaw and Zumbopsalid).
2007 Start of systematic manufacturing of aluminium roller blinds for domestic and professional use.
2010 Expansion of activities in the primary production sector through the acquisition of a percentage of shares in the plant of the company "Elaurgiki S.A."
2011 The Company proceeds with the establishment of a subsidiary "Foteinopoulos Evangelos & Co. based in Pyrgos, Ilia, with Real Estate Services. A plot of 800 sq.m. is purchased in the area of Alimos, Attica, with the prospect of expanding the business.
2012 Start of cooperation with Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation.
2013 Expansion of the company's activities in the marketing of building and household paints and varnishes.
2015 Trading of plasterboard and thermo facade.
2016 Obtaining a EUROCERT certificate with ISO 9001:2008 and now ISO 9001:2015.
2017 Installation of Laser Plasma Pantograph.