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Aluminium Systems

Iron pantograph works

In our company and thanks to the new iron cutting pantograph we can manufacture anything you can imagine from a huge variety of ready-made designs or simply by sending us your own creations. Creations such as :

  • Lamps, Signs, Furniture
  • Fences, Garage doors
  • Balustrades, stairs, pergolas
  • Interior decoration , exterior decoration
  • And many more designs and applications

We are waiting for you to see our creations and to undertake with professionalism and taste your own.


GOOGLE trusted ALUMIL's systems for the replacement of its windows in its New York offices

The American technology giant Google, wanting to transform its offices into a building with almost zero energy consumption, required the creation of very high thermal insulation windows with a thermal transmittance of Uw=0.58 W/m2K.

ALUMIL is the only company that fully responded to the request, proposing even higher thermal insulation than the specifications with a thermal transmittance of Uw=0.55 W/m2K. ALUMIL, demonstrating high speed and flexibility combined with high quality production based on "green processes", won the trust of Google's people from the very beginning, achieving another great success. Today, Google's work is the main pillar of the philosophy of all new ALUMIL systems.


Alumil among the best hotels in the world

Alumil has all the architectural aluminium systems that meet these broad requirements and the specialized staff of engineers and technical consultants that can support both the design and supervision of integrated architectural applications of aluminium in tourist units.

Alumil aluminium systems provide various alternatives, high aesthetics, functionality and quality in construction as well as high safety in

  • Exterior view of a hotel
  • Configuration of rooms
  • Optimal configuration of common areas
  • Upgrading the functionality of the
  • building
  • Support for special requirements

Somfy Tahoma

In the "smart" house of Somfy Tahoma,
you will do everything from your mobile phone!

Aluminium Railings

Whether you have thought about fencing your garden, your balcony, or to proceed to some special construction in public or private space, in us you will find the right staff and the right products to do so.

We trade

  • Inox type aluminium balustrades in a variety of designs and combinations
  • Glazed balustrades
  • Traditional aluminium balustrades
  • Traditional or non-traditional iron balustrades
  • A wide range of accessories and decorative elements

For prices on both railings and accessories visit our online store e-metalshop.gr