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GOOGLE trusted ALUMIL’s systems for the replacement of its windows in its New York offices

The American technology giant Google, wanting to transform its offices into a building with almost zero energy consumption, required the creation of very high thermal insulation windows with a thermal transmittance of Uw=0.58 W/m2K. ALUMIL is the only company that fully responded to the request, proposing even higher thermal insulation than the specifications with a thermal transmittance of Uw=0.55 W/m2K. ALUMIL, by demonstrating high speed and flexibility combined with high quality production based on “green processes”, won the trust of Google’s people from the very beginning, achieving another great success. Today, Google’s work is the main pillar of the philosophy of all new ALUMIL systems.

About the system:

Specifically, ALUMIL created for the American company a special version of the advanced thermal insulation window SUPREME S91, which is the first window in Greece that was certified by the international German Passive House Institute as suitable for passive buildings, i.e. buildings with almost zero energy consumption. In addition, ALUMIL developed special shading blinds for this window, which thanks to their sophisticated aerodynamic design have significantly upgraded the aesthetic value of the building, while offering significant protection from the sun.

The SUPREME S91 window system belongs to the SUPREME series of ALUMIL and is the latest proposal for robust thermal insulation window solutions of modern line, high security, specially designed for the implementation of passive building constructions. The system is characterized by extremely high performance in thermal insulation, waterproofing and sound insulation coefficients.

The new way of life and the high energy costs of cooling and heating now require the use of aluminium energy systems with a high technological background and high aesthetics. ALUMIL, with responsibility towards the environment, remains a pioneer in the design of energy saving solutions, investing in the development of new and sophisticated products that improve the quality of life.